April 22 meeting to feature presentation on weighing hives

Join BANV member Ernie Becking for the April 22 meeting  @ 7pm for a presentation “Weighing Beehives – What Does it Tell Us?”.  Any time of year, this simple method can clue you into activity in the hive without popping the outer cover!

Mar 25, 2014 BANV Meeting Notes

Mar 25, 2014 BANV Meeting Notes

Approximately 50 attendees


Budget was approved. An allowance was made for $150 to be available for expenses

for intermediate beekeeper program at Frying Pan Park – John Fraiser

Ernie Becking will talk at April mtg on weighing hives

David Mueller volunteered to head program committee . Queen rearing club also
offered to assist.

There is a web site committee – if anyone is interested send name to David

Anyone interested in looking at identifying shared equipment for the club to
purchase should contact Kathryn Krenn.

Items of Note:

Speaker: Dr. Nancy Ostiguy

April is big outreach month. Contact Martha Kiene kienebee@yahoo.com if you
can support.

Meeting Notes:

Meeting was opened at 7pm by VP Bob Grabacz reviewing the agenda.

Rob Mckinney introduced the speaker Dr. Nancy Ostiguy from Penn State

Entomology speaking on “To Kill or Not to Kill Pesticides and Medications”.

Budget was introduced by David Michaelson. BANV members approved the budget.

Meeting was then opened for announcements.

Final sessions of bee classes are practicums – members invited to come

demonstrated equipment etc.

Possibility of fall beekeeping class would need instructors and mentors – looking for
volunteers – contact Rob McKinney.

Meeting was adjourned at 9pm

submitted by Kathryn Krenn.

BANV Club Extractor

A new item has been added under “Club Activities” that explains what equipment is available to members and how to access it.

Latest BANV newsletter

BANV Newsletter Year End 2013

Outreach Opportunities Update

The site has been been updated for the new 2014 opportunities (see in right hand column under Club Activities).

BANV Membership

Hello, Bee Friends!

Join BANV or renew your annual membership in BANV on-line. Annual membership in BANV now runs from May 1 to April 30 (2013 members are grandfathered in until April 30, 2014). Please complete this registration form and submit it electronically. Then give me a check at a BANV meeting or mail it to me. Either way you will need to provide me a check (no cash) in order to complete your registration.

Please note that your renewal is due by May 1. There is no pro ration of dues.

BANV is no longer in the magazine subscription business. You can get a discount directly from American Bee Journal if you tell them you are a member of BANV (I will verify if necessary). Bee Culture no longer provides discounts to club members.

If you are a 2014 BANV beginning beekeeping student, use this form to update your contact information (if necessary) and to inform BANV of your wishes for its use of your contact information. However, if you are a 2014 student who paid tuition and fees to BANV, that payment made you a member of BANV and VSBA for 2014 so please do not pay again. However, if you are a non-paying student who is partnered with a paying friend, parent, spouse, etc., and you want your own membership in BANV and/or VSBA, then feel free to pay accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns about your membership in BANV, please contact me at beekeepersnova+membership@gmail.com.

Terri McPalmer
BANV Membership Coordinator

Click here to register your membership:


March 25 Meeting

BANV will host Dr. Nancy Ostiguy (Penn State Univ) as its guest speaker at our regular meeting at 7pm, 25 Mar, in the Mason Dist Government Center. Following her presentation we will vote on our budget for the upcoming year and handle any other announcements and business as come up. Please join us and invite your student and fellow beeks along!

Pollinator Plates – Latest News

Here is the latest update on the plates: SB259 (the bill for our new plates) has passed the House and Senate, and has been signed by both the Speaker and the President! At this point, we are waiting for Governor McAuliffe to sign the bill. He still has a couple more weeks to do so.
You can follow the progress on this link if you wish- updates are posted at the bottom:
(Admittedly I keep that link open most of the day and refresh it almost hourly!)
Once the bill has been signed, I’ll contact the DMV about the next steps. Since the bill hasn’t been signed yet, I think at this point, they are not able to officially put the wheels in motion.
I will BEE in touch as things move forward! Thanks so much to everyone for your patience, support, and kindness! Your compliments and encouraging emails are very much appreciated and I have been so touched by your positivity.
Warm regards,
Samantha Gallagher

Bee Packages Update

Dane Hanum, BANV member and bee package wrangler who has provided club members with bees for years, has additional packages to sell.  The cost is $85 ($87.50 for a marked queen.  Dane trucks up the packages from Georgia and buyers pick up the packages from him in N. VA.  The delivery will be in April, exact date uncertain.  If you are interested in securing a package, contact Dane at 703-525-6396 no later than Friday, March 21st.  If Dane doesn’t answer, please leave a message.

2014 Classes are Now Full

All of BANV’s beginning beekeeping classes are filled, and each class has waiting lists.  This list is provided for the convenience of our students and their mentors.

  • 5 February through 26 March at the Luther Jackson Middle School, 3020 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA  222042, on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 pm.
  • 11 March through 26 April at the St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School (Lower School Campus), 400 Fontaine Street, Alexandria, VA 22302, on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 pm.
  • 16 February through 13 April at the Centreville Regional Library, 14200 St. Germain Drive, Centreville, VA 20121-2299 on Sundays from 8:30 to 11:30 am.  Note:  February 16 was an open house so the first class date is actually February 23.


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