George Imirie’s PINK PAGES

George  Imirie was a long-time member of The Montgomery County Beekeepers Association.  In addition to being an EAS Master Beekeeper, he was one of those gentlemen who had kept been keeping bees since early childhood.  When Pat was president of BANV, she had George come and speak to the group.  Even thought he was in a wheelchair and his vocal chords had been affected by a stroke he was still a riveting speaker and an obvious ‘fount of wisdom.

Chris Bacher is a beekeeper in Pennsylvania who has tracked down all of George’s PAGES edited(for spelling not content), indexed and re-formatted them. Through Chris’s efforts, the link listed below will give you access to all of George’s work.

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  1. Kathleen Curtis
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 13:13:09

    WOW! I just checked this out! What an amazing resource…and what dedication to have accomplished this indexing! Thank you Chris B so much! And thank you BANV for hosting this info on-line!
    Kathleen Curtis


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